Spencer Financial & Insurance Services

A "Bank On Yourself™" Organization

What should you expect?

What Bruce does:

  • Asks for and absorbs information about your financial situation.
  • Stays current with the financial planning field.
  • Helps you learn more about personal financial management in general.
  • Helps you develop prudent financial habits.All Your Eggs In One Basket
  • Offers specific recommendations with enough background information so that you can make informed decisions.
  • Helps you implement and monitor planning decisions.
  • Provides reality checks about your financial habits.
  • Helps you sort through important value decisions.
  • Shows you how to align financial habits with personal values.

What Bruce doesn’t do:

  • Predict the future.
  • Guarantee performance.
  • Protect you from the consequences of destructive financial habits that you do not address yourself.
  • Go beyond the role of advisor into the role of therapist.
  • Magically get you as much money as you would like to have.
  • Earn higher than average returns year after year.

Imagine the comfort of knowing…

  • Where you want to go and how to get there
  • You’re on the right track with your money today and tomorrow
  • Someone you trust is taking care of all the details
  • You have confidence to meet any critical financial event that comes your way
  • You don’t have to know anything except that it’s in good hands
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