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What Keeps You Up At Night?

You don’t know me. And I don’t know you — not yet.

But lately you’ve had some things on your mind; things that keep you up at night:

“Will I have enough money when I get older?” or “Will I ever be able to retire?”

These are questions millio912554_97014650ns of people ask themselves every day—financial hotlines hear these inquiries from everyone from millionaires to people who are financially pressed. And Alan Greenspan’s ominous warning about the Social Security system needing “reform” swelled these concerns for most of the 77 million members of America’s boom generation, who, financial planners say, are saving just one third of what they’ll need to retire comfortably.

As a result of these underlying trends, people have a pressing need for and are seeking knowledgeable and objective professional financial advice.

Spencer Financial & Insurance Services is uniquely structured to provide this financial advice, planning, and solutions centered on clients’ needs and objectives.

Spencer Financial & Insurance Services is organized to provide consulting, analysis and financial solution alternatives for individuals and businesses to help answer these questions.

Consulting: We identify your key concerns, determine your goals, and develop strategies for achieving your personal and/or business financial objectives.

Financial Reports: We provide you with reports which give you the status of your financial condition and a discussion of important considerations when determining your financial goals.

912431_29911267.jpgQuarterly (more often if you desire) we will review with you your objectives and check your progress. Our clients trust us to simplify it for them, and handle all the details of fulfilling the strategies they select. We’re able to provide accurate, unbiased, and pertinent information to help you make the best decisions possible. Our years of experience, and our network of professional partners, like attorneys, CPA’s, Financial Institutions and other advisors allow us to create the solutions you need, to maximize your chances of success.

This collaboration with other professionals allows us to use the most beneficial planning techniques from all fields to protect and maximize your resources, and create a Wealth Plan that is a personalized, powerful, long term plan for your financial security. We take our philosophy of Lifetime Financial Guidance very seriously; we know that your personal plans will change, business opportunities arise, and unforeseen challenges have to be managed. We will be side-by-side with you through all these confusing and exciting phases of your lives, to help you understand your options and responsibilities.

As financial consultants, we offer clients an assortment of quality, financial choices. If you would like more information about these topics, or other areas of finance, please don’t hesitate to contact me, by phone or e-mail. You are under no obligation to buy any services or products from us.

Give us a little time and we’ll help you sleep better at night!

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