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What Information I’ll Need

In order to be able to prepare a comprehensive, customized Analysis that will show you how you could benefit by starting your own Bank On Yourself™ Program, I will need to review the following information at our meeting-by-phone, during which we’ll go over your specific situation, goals and dreams:

Note: All information you share with me is held in strictest confidence: (See our Privacy Policy)

1. Completed Lifestyle Worksheet Page)

2. Your most recent State & Federal income tax return(s)

3. Your most recent Business or Farm Federal Income Tax return (if self-employed or a business owner)

4. Your most recent pay stub(s) or current income estimate

5. Record of untaxed incomes, such as Social Security, AFDC or any veterans benefits

6. Most recent statement for any loans you may have, such as:

a. Mortgages, home equity loans or lines of credit

b. Car loans

c. Student loans

d. Personal loans

7. Most recent credit card statements

8. The following information about your home:

a. Original purchase price

b. Estimated current market value

9. Most recent Retirement, IRA, 401(k), KEOGH, SEP, TSA accounts, CD’s, money market, brokerage/investment and savings account statements

10. Most recent loan statements for any investment properties, along with estimated current market value of each property

11. Life insurance Policies and Annuities Contracts

12. If you attended one of our Seminars, please have your Seminar Handout available

13. Have your appointment calendar handy when we meet, so you’ll be prepared to schedule our next meeting, should you wish to take the next step

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